Welcome to Outbound Cikole Lembang, Bandung

New tradition to tourism in the Pine Forest Cikole Lembang, Bandung at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, giving a new atmosphere that is more fresh.
The Green Jungle Cikole Concept is the concept of Pinus forest tourist destinations in Lembang Bandung with Tangkuban Perahu Mountain atmosphere and a touch of natural park natural arranged.
Located in the forest area around Tangkuban Perahu tours that have been supported with adequate facilities like toilets / bathrooms clean, and security guard - security guard 24 hours.

Package options, we pack for:
- Family Day / Tour Family (Arisan, Reunion)
- Gathering Company Outing
- School Holiday Program / Tourism Education (Farewel Party, Opspek, etc)
- Tourism Religion.

Your choice to stay, as a One Day Tour
or Gathering Package, we will help set up programs to suit your needs.


Host /Event Organizer

We offer a concept for your special outing, with the Event Organizer service starting from the check-in until check out.
Potato Management will help plan and realize the concept of thematic touch.

This concept we offer for the group:
- Outing-Gathering Company (Fun Outbound, Outbound Training, etc.)
- Outing-Outbound School (Study Tour, Farewell Party, etc.)
- Family Group Outing (Family Outing)

Lay Out Area

Security and comfort you, to be our priority. Choice of location for the outing activities - gathering your group has been equipped with various facilities such as:
- Energy Security (guard)
- Facilities Accommodation (bungalows, tents and hotel rooms)
- Camping Area
- Area Outbound
- Areas with special games children (tree house)
- Garden Strawberry
- Area Painball
- ATV tracks
- Gazebo, Pendopo and Saung
- Toilet for camping activities
- Restaurant
- Area wide parking
- Insurance Program for outbound activities
- As well as other supporting facilities

Accomodation : Bungalow & Tent

When your outing options to the mountains, like Lembang is the right choice.
Campsite with the atmospheric pine forests in the area tour Tangkuban Perahu - Lembang and accommodation facilities are supported by Jungle Concept touch you hang out a fun, unique and warm.


The Jungle Hotel is a concept offered by Lembang Jungle Discovery; ie outbound activities with accommodation options include:
- Bungalow Jungle Hut
- Charlie Dome Tent
- Double Dome Tent
- Platoon Tent
Special tent concept, already equipped with mattresses, pillows and blankets; so you still feel comfortable.

Bungalow Standart

Bungalows with cabin concept is provided to complement your outbound activities with your family or group (company / school).
Facilities at the bungalow consists of:
- 2 (two) units of the bed
- 1 (one) bathroom equipped with hot water facility

Bungalow Suite

The form of bungalows with cabin concept designed exclusive for the family.
Service facilities in the form:
- 1 (one) king size mattress
- Bathroom with hot water
- Balconies at the rear

Tenda Dome Charlie

Want to try sensations back to the concept of nature?, With Charlie Dome Tent will provide a new atmosphere of your tour.
Package with accommodation concept of 'back to the nature' is equipped with a toilet / bathroom as many as 22 (twenty two) units.

Your special, tents are equipped with mattresses, and sleeping bed.
That's not all! When you are gathering activities; POTATO management team will serve the needs of your event, since the time of arrival, up to the check - out ..........

Accomodation : Hotel or Villa (out of area)

If Lembang Jungle Discovery as a choice location just one day activities of its outbound course, we also can facilitate your needs to choose hotels in or around the town of Villa in Lembang, as an alternative to lodging your Group.

Some of our choices can be boxed, both packages Villa, Hotel, Motel, or Hotel Star around Lembang.

One Day Outbound Program

Completing your group activities, available a few packages outbound packet with the concept of 'fun & leisure' to:
- Outing Group / Company
- School Outbound Program
- Outbound Training
- Fun Games
- Character Building for Kids
- Fun Team Building

o complement the above programs, is available some facilities / activities complement include:
- Flying Fox
- Rope Bridge Two
- Hanging Bridge
- Elvis Bridge
- Board Down Cliff
- Landing Nets
- Paintball
- Horses
- Tree House (especially the children)
- Landrover Offroad.
- Garden Strawberry

Kids Outbound Program

Chipmunk Kids Club

Is a special outbound programs for children in the open nature of the pine forest area Tangkuban Perahu - Lembang, with a choice of camp sites in the region Cikole
Especially for the activities here, we will provide a PIN funny souvenir Chipmunk Kids Club.

Package consists of several activities to:

# Stimulate creativity
# Education
# Leadership
# Cooperation group
# Establish communication
# Build a concern for the environment.

Jungle Kids Package :

Packaging package includes:

- Welcome Drink
- Ice Breaking Games for Kids
- Tree House Activities:
a. Hanging Bridge
b. Two Bridges
c. Landing Nets
d. 1 x Flying Fox
- 1 x coffee break / snack

Packaging Package Includes:

- Welcome Drink
- Ice Breaking
- Tree House Activities:
a. Hanging Bridge
b. Two Bridges
c. Landing Nets
d. 1 x Flying Fox
- 1x Snack
- 1x Lunch Box / Buffe
- Free pinnata Strawbery

Spinach Jungle Souvenir
Special package for gathering, we also will provide a special souvenir after the mountain atmosphere.


Themed Concept

Special touch for your event can be more lively by giving Thematic concepts.
Thematic Outing This program can be applied starting from outbound events, decorations, backdrop to highlight a "Delightful of Moment Night '

The concept of the selected theme tailored to the vision-gathering mission packaged with a touch of fun entertainment. POTATO Management will help develop programs / special events for you.

Fun Day Outing

We will help arrange activities and realize the concept of Outbound Tours for Company and Family Outing.Pilihan packaging include:
A. One Day / Half day outing Outbound
B. Gathering Outing (Outbound activity following the concept Jungle inn)

The design of our container activities of client choice, in the form of the game:
- Mild (Small Fun Day),
- Medium (Medium Fun Day), and
- The Challenge (Adventure Fun Days)

To complement your activities, we provide a package and Host Activity / Event Organizer for the event can be run according to plan.
We also provide complementary needs your tour start from Accommodation, Consumption, Events Entertain (life music), Talent, Concept Thematic Session, to merchendise (outing t-shirts, souvenirs, etc.).

Jungle Spa Package

Request Only

Especially for Group Outing, Jungle Spa we offer to complement your leisure activities.

Package offered:
- Foot Massage 15'
- Neck & Shoulder Massage 15'
- Foot and Shoulder Massage 25'
- Aromatheraphy Massage 45'
- Ear Cadle Therapy 75'

Special package for couples who want to offer our honeymoon with the concept of jungle.
You both will be pampered with a variety of activities and services from us with the concept of thematic 'HoneyMoon Jungle'

Romantic Package Jungle options we offer include:
- Honey Moon Package
- Prewedding Photo Session
- Exclusive Small Wedding Party

Go Camping : Car Camping

Now can you see in Lembang, Bandung. Camping Car Package, our special container for the car Clubber or community / club car.
We will help you camping activities while gathering with the community club vehicles (cars), while families can remain involved.

Lembang Discovery Offroad

The challenge for YOUR OFFROAD package Lembang explore exotic nature.
In addition to exploring nature, this activity could also gives a chance with the concept AMAZING TREASURE HUNT and AMAZING RACE.